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New Talents in Mathematics Scholarships 2017/18

01/09/2017 — 27/09/2017

7th IST-IME Meeting

23/07/2018 — 27/07/2018

This meeting, whose scope will comprise Analysis and applications, aims to promote integration of researchers of both IST and IME (and other institutions), with the presentation of research works and plenary lectures of the participants.

This edition will honor Paulo Cordaro, on the occasion of his 65th birthday.

LisMath fellowships

20/07/2017 — 30/09/2017

The program Lisbon Mathematics PhD (LisMath, for short) aims at preparing high level researchers in the field of Mathematics by bundling the training and research expertise of two of the existing PhD programs in Mathematics at the Universidade de Lisboa, namely

The next call for LisMath fellowships will open on July 20, and will remain open until September 30, 2017. Online applications only.

CAMGSD—CMAFCIO Differential Equations Meeting

14/09/2017 — 15/09/2017

CAMGSD and CMAFCIO jointly organize a Meeting on Differential Equations to be held at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa in the afternoon of September 14th and 15th, 2017. The scope of this meeting is the differential equations research area and its target is to promote interactions between researcher from the two institutions working in this area, being open to any interested party.



This meeting aims to develop interactions between mathematicians working in Functional Analysis, Group Representation Theory, Matrix Theory and Linear Systems, and other relevant areas.

Higher Structures Lisbon (deformation theory, operads, higher categories, developments & applications)

24/07/2017 — 27/07/2017

The aim of this meeting is to stimulate interaction between people, who are working in higher structures interpreted in the broad sense (to mean higher stacks, $L_\infty$- and $A_\infty$-algebras, Batalin–Vilkovisky algebras, higher category theory, operad theory and related areas).

6th IST Lectures on Algebraic Geometry and Physics

10/07/2017 — 12/07/2017

The IST Lectures on Algebraic Geometry and Physics started in 1999 and target the bridging of gaps between exciting new areas of Algebraic Geometry and Physics.

Mathematics at Técnico: Come meet the best jobs in the world...


Se estás a terminar o ensino secundário e tens um gosto especial pela matemática, já pensaste o que fazer a seguir? De acordo com a lista do CareerCast de 2017, sete das onze melhores profissões do mundo são em Matemática.

Neste encontro vais encontrar um ambiente estimulante, onde professores e antigos e atuais alunos da Licenciatura em Matemática Aplicada  e Computação (LMAC) do IST vão falar de matemática, das suas aplicações, saídas profissionais e investigação. Terás ainda tempo e espaço para olhar, ouvir e pensar mais além.

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